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My story (so far)

About August last year I started having chest pains when taking a walk, as my dad died at 52 of a heart attack I started the medical journey which eventually resulted in a single bypass 3 weeks ago today (I had Stroke 4 days after the angiogram in January that luckily had little log term impact)

My shock was going to ITU for just 4 days and due to shortage of beds I was released home straight home from there after just 4 days - I should have gone from ITU to high dependency to ward just to prepare me. I have no doubt that I was medically okay it was just not being mentally prepared.

I tried sleeping in my bed for 2 days but after getting no sleep (or very little) I moved onto the recliner for 5 nights where I slept better.

My drainage stitches were removed at a 'drop in' clinic after just 7 days.

I have seen the cardiac nurse (Monday) and go back to see the surgeon on the 17th July when I hope I get the go ahead to drive.

Still feeling a bit weak and have feelings of depression (not for anything specific just waves of this feeling). Luckily they don't last long.

I am about to catch up on the posts just to check I am 'on course', my overall suprise is the lack of info and medical help after treatment I suppose that is a sign of NHS money problems. I just hope I continue to improve without too many hic-cups!

So hi!

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Hi Heather - sounds like quite a journey but glad you're on the road to recovery now! The first few months after open heart surgery can be really tough, and it's actually quite common for people to feel low or depressed. It's great that you feel comfortable talking about it because so many people keep it to themselves and don't realise they're in no way alone in feelings this way.

Once your chest bone has healed a little more you'll usually be invited to cardiac rehab, which you can read a little more about here:


These are great programmes that give you lots of support and information to help you during your recovery, like how to keep active and exercise safely and how your medications should be helping you.

Take care, Chris


Hi I had a single CABG and a valve replaced , it's scary but I'm now coming up to two years and doing ok , it get better , I do have some chest pain more bone pain when doing pilates which I think is probably scar adhesions but life good

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Hi there and welcome.

There are a number of us who feel the same way once out you seem to be on your own. The feelings you describe are normal, as is the difficulty in sleeping tho that will pass as you become more mobile.

I was told no driving for 6 weeks after my quad not sure how intrusive your bypass was. Hopefully you'll also get onto your local rehab scheme, that I found immensely helpful.


Thanks all, it really feels good to know I am not alone.

There is a 'fitness class' and information class starting in September that I hope to go to so I will meet others there. I see the surgeon on the 17th July when hopefully he gives me the go ahead to drive. I am no rush though.

Due to my health problems I had to cancel a 60 day holiday to Aust/NZ so as soon as I am able I feel a cruise is on the cards. I am 60 in September and want a nice holiday to celebrate,

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I hope you enjoy your cruise, I have a short trip to Spain coming up, my daughter, her husband and my grandson are there on holiday and I'm joining them for five days. My wife gets a break from me lol. A bit of sun, some swimming and relaxing

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