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Heart patients undergoing laser eye treatment


Hi Everyone,

I am a heart patient and under treatment for the past 5 years. Now everything is going smooth and I feel great. I have been wearing glasses for years now and feels to replace them.

I consulted an eye specialist for my laser treatment. He said, my eyes were definitely fit for the treatment but were a bit hesitant because of my heart problem. I was totally confused and contacted my cardiologist. He said, it was ok to take the laser treatment.

I was just wondering if any heart patients here has received ( clearviewinstitute.com/lase... )any sort of laser vision correction procedures. Please do reply.

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MichaelJHHeart Star

I know very little about laser eye surgery but understand that if you are over 40 you will probably need reading glasses so you would not be totally free of glasses.

I had cataract treated a few years ago. They did ask about aspirin/blood thinners. Apparently after the local anaesthetic is injected some people develop a massive black eye. I have no idea if locals are used in laser treatment (there are also different types) ut it may be something worth asking about.

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