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Just had a "MyCareLink" fitted


Hi to all,

Following an un-expected call from my GP last Monday morning to drop everything and "Go to Hospital Now" I've had one of these cardiac recorders fitted in my chest. It was a little painful and the bruising is now starting to fade but at least I know that they are keeping an eye on my suspected arrhythmia, or are they?

In my earlier posts, I gave a short history of my symptoms and after my stay in the cardiac unit last week they seem no further down the full diagnosis route. I've been put on a small 2.5mg dose of the Betta Blocker "Bisoprolol Fumarate" which has made the world around me slow down substantially, feels very very weird and my heart rate has slowed significantly, especially at rest. I'm a 56 year cyclist so a resting heart rate in the mid 40's is quite normal when I’m fit but these drugs seem to have it down to the mid 30's.

The last thing the doc said is that I will be booked in for an angiogram and a review at some point but that they will keep an eye on me.

Question: Has anyone else had one these pieces of kit fitted and do you know how often "they" review or look at your uploaded results?

Thanks to all in advance...

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Hi GeeMan,

I have to say 'No' to the first part of your question and probably 'I don't know. So many variables' to the second.

I am not medically qualified, but a heart rate of below 40 seems low to me, but then your fitness level gives you a low rate to start with. Is your BP being monitored too? Are you on a diuretic? Keep an eye open for swollen ankles If you want to monitor your arrhythmia yourself then take a look at the Kardia Mobile - works with a smartphone app.

Regarding the Bisoprolol, people react differently. I take 7.5mg daily with no great problem and others can't even tolerate 1.25mg. You need to give you body time to adjust to it. Your dosage may be increased (but perhaps not since you already have a low rate). If you really can't tolerate the side effects then ask if there is an alternative.

Regarding the angiogram - no worries. It's a minimally invasive routine procedure. Just watch out for some heavy-looking machinery whizzing past your face :).

I hope this helps.

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Hi Ian, thanks for your reply, very much appreciated. Couple more days on from my post and still getting some very low pulse rate readings but I have to say I’ve had zero events as far as the arrhythmia is concerned so perhaps the Bisoprolol is working. I have had some elevated BP readings in the past months so I’m now starting to think this could be a contributing factor.

Thanks again for your comments

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