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Icd related question


Hi I had an icd fitted 5 years ago after suffering from a cardiac arrest I’ve had an ablation to help resolve atrial fibrillation but had to have a new icd box reimplanted as battery was low on February this year. Unfortunately two weeks ago my heart rate went to 260 and I was in af and the settings on my icd zoning set it off and it shocked me 6 times. having read the Bhf page on dvla requirements I’m not clear what the requirements are as this time I revived a shock it wasn’t because of cardiac arrest so technically not a 6 month ban so My question is can I drive after a month? Has anyone any clue on this please?

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Hi Vwylde1971,

I'm sorry you were subjected to all those shocks. Under these circumstances I would check with the DVLA directly 0300-790-6806 ( medical enquiries) to explain the circumstances. It would also be an idea to see if you are taking optimal medication for your AF, to reduce the risk of this happening in the future. I would also suggest contacting your cardiologist to let them know.

I hope I've helped.

Take Care,


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