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New here; father diagnosed and family to have tests

Hi all.

Just introducing myself I guess. My father was yesterday diagnosed with a leaky valve (also known as MVP - correct me please if I am wrong)

They've confirmed it is a birth defect and he is to have a camera in his leg up to his heart for further examination before open hear surgery.

Because of the nature of this, my sister and I, along with my father's brothers and sisters are to attend the same tests to ascertain if we too have the leaky valve. My father hasn't had any issues up to a couple weeks ago which is why it's gone undiagnosed; I mean, he's 62 now and they've confirmed that other than this defect, he's fit as a fiddle!

Not sure how to support my family, at the moment I feel very black and white about the situation. I'm sure panic will set in when his operation date is set and I have to have the tests myself.

How quickly moving it is generally to get tested? If anything, getting the results from both mine and my sister's tests will help my dad relax.

Anyway, I've babbled on enough now!

Kind regards

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MVP Is correct, it's mitral valve prolapse.

I had mitral valve prolapse with severe leak and severe regurgitation (blood flowing the wrong way with every beat ) I had no symptoms at all and could walk 15 miles a day in my job.

I was told mine was not from birth, this was why never detected until after recently.

Although when tested they did find a hole in my heart. PFO.

My son and family haven't been told to have tests as with the condition it usually has a distinct heart murmur of which non of them have.

Feb this year I had open heart surgery to repair both the valve and the hole

. Now about 12 weeks after op

All seems well.

If you are not urgent it may take a while for you to be tested, unless u have particular symptoms or cardiac issues.

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Hi...all a bit scary, isn't it. My mum had a valve replacement in her 60's and recovered fully and pretty quickly. I have just discovered that I have the same congenital aortic valve problem, so am expecting I will also need surgery in the future. Having the tests now can help you start dealing with any issue if need be. I wish I'd had it checked after my mum was diagnosed rather than finding out after a small heart attack 6 weeks ago! Try not to panic; this site is so helpful and there is also the helpline. Best of luck ☺ x


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