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Well hello there!

Well hello there!

In the space of a couple of weeks, I've gone from someone who was overweight, unhealthy and feeling a little short of breath... someone who is obese, unhealthy, unfit, has heart failure, high cholesterol, might be diabetic, is to have an echocardiogram, to have 1-hour tests at a Cardiac Investigations Unit, and is a little startled by it all.

Add to that I have Generalised Anxiety Disorder (and associated Depression), and I can think you can tell where I'm going with this all :)

The photo is from March, and shows my body shape - yes, I look pregnant.

I'm 5'10", 51, and weigh 122.3Kg (as of last night) which is a little over 19-stone.

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OK so first things first. It’s ok, a shock yes, but now you are on your way to diagnosis you can start to take control. I can’t cover off everything you’ve mentioned but I have some of your diagnosis myself so can let you know what helped me............ ask lots of questions, nothing is stupid and it’s really important to understand what is happening to your body.

Diabetes (I am assuming type2) is actually fine once you get to grips with it. I was diagnosed just before my heart attack last year and currently control by diet alone with no medication and all my HBA1C results have been normal the last 2 times I was tested (58 down to 35). It will require a food lifestyle change but it’s not about stopping having nice things....although if you want to mange it without medication sugar is not your friend (nor is really heavy amounts of carbs in my case). Lots of really good books out there and forums (Diabetes UK) with free recipes and help.

Once I was given the all clear to exercise I started walking ...... lots.....every day.... without fail......then once I felt a bit fitter I started the C25K programme (NHS running plan). It sounds horrendous but lots of us who have completed it started as over weight and unfit. Since July last year with food lifestyle change and exercise I’ve dropped 33 kilos.

Benefits - the running helps my mood, lots and I am much nicer person to live with than I was before. I have lost weight (down side is I have had to buy lots of clothes), my general confidence is increased and I fell better able to cope with my diagnosis and the fact I have a stent.

Medicine - you will come across lots of conflicting information on medication. Read it and then ignore anything that doesn’t ring true to you. I take everything I was prescribed but challenged by consultant a number of times on dosage etc. And we have had some really good conversations so never be afraid.

Good luck and I hope some of the above is a litttle bit helpful.


Hello....yes a big shock in your little world! But it's your ring-ring wake up call. At least you're on the right path and this community is so helpful. I lost almost 5 stone a few years ago with a national slimming club (won't mention the name in case it's not allowed!), but my life improved so much, in many ways! Now we all hear our GP's telling us to lose weight but it really does make a difference. I've now been diagnosed with this pesky heart condition but going back to the gym this week and can't wait. Good luck with your journey :-)


I understand it’s scary , but this could be a new start , walking good there are lots of advice on diet and you tube in exercise , just do a little change , think of it as a new adventure


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