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Been a while! Now Pericarditis?


I'm now 9 months out, still riding the rollercoaster sadly. I've not been around here much as I've been dealing with yet another health scare, this time with my prostate. That's on hold for the next 6 months at least but the cardiac issues haven't gone away. My ectopic beats have reduced, I still get some but not as many. At the moment I've been dealing with left sided chest discomfort, a dull ache along with burning pains similar to my angina. I had a stress echocardiogram last week which I'm waiting on the results for. However I am wondering now if what I'm feeling is indeed something else. I'm now wondering if this pain is actually pericarditis. Having just reviewed the symptoms it seems a close match. Dull ache, can be posture related, worse laying but improves sitting forward. Anyone else had pericarditis?

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Kristin1812Heart Star

I would wait till you hear from them about your stress test. It’s v unsettling reading up on different diagnoses. If I do it I think I’ve got just about everything, so I’ve stopped.

It’s also much easier for the doctors to diagnose if you just report clearly on your symptoms and your experience, don’t try and find your own diagnosis.

This might sound a bit harsh, but youve clearly had a hard time healthwise, and you need to get the v best out of the experts!

ccwh70 in reply to Kristin1812

Thanks, yeah it's a bit of a mystery. The stress echocardiogram didn't show anything obvious so once again I'm left in limbo with no further tests planned and no diagnosis. Unfortunately although I have some relief at the Echocardiogram result, it doesn't totally calm my nerves since all my tests last year leading up to my CAD diagnosis were normal which is why they missed it and I diagnosed it by monitoring my own symptoms etc.. I'm getting these episodes every day and no idea why. I will hopefully be doing another round of cardiac rehab so hopefully if anything isn't quite right they might notice.

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