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cabg- premature occlusion

hi im new on here, i had my first heart attack in 2015 was diagnosed with atherosclerosis and had 3 stents put in was put on rampril asprin and clopidogral 18mths later had another heart attack because the stents were blocked and had bypass surgery..After a couple of months i didnt feel i was recovering as i should and felt unwell so went to the GP who basically said it was in my head because sometimes after surgery people can suffer depression and i had already suffered from depression and anxiety before and so sent me home .After another couple of months i went again complaining of the same and the same happened again . About a week later i suffered another heart attack i had suffered a premature occlusion in the bypass graft apparently it can happen in 8 to 15 per cent of bypass patients.The surgeon managed to open an old native artery and put a stent in that leaving the bypass graft not working. i have been to see the consultant who has said no more surgery as it would be too complex and only a couple of surgeons would attempt the operation and i might die on the table .Surely i have the right to life saving treatment but how do i fight this decision i am waiting for a ct angiogram , i dont know why because we all know whats going to be the final outcome i feel like iv been written off and just waiting for the inevitable to happen . I had a meeting with the GP and manager asking him why he said what he did and didnt act he never even took my blood pressure .he just apologized and said i was a complex case. Ever since then he has put me at arms length and when i need to see him he puts me through to his trainee . im just at a loss at what to do next or were to go for help .Anyone got any advice Thanks

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Hi Mark,

I am really sorry to hear of your issues, and fully understand your frustration with the way the system has spat out the result. Is there another GP at your surgery you could see? Is there another surgery close by you could transfer to? What about a second opinion from a different cardiologist, surely this is possible?

Maybe the BHF have some ideas here try their helpline on 0300 330 3311

good luck Mark


Hi.Thanks for your reply , yes im in the process of changing to a practice out of area if i stay at the same practice i dont think it will change anything ,i think they are afraid of me trying to sue them iv also changed my heart care over to another hospital which is Blackpool Victoria in the north west this is were iv had all my stents and bypass done anyway , the cardiologist who told me all the bad news is at my local hospital,They dont do any surgery there . they send anyone who needs surgery to Blackpool Victoria which is about 25 miles away i would sooner travel than stay at my local hospital which has a bad rep anyway . Blaclpool have already sent me a new appointment but its 5 moths away which seems a long way off and also they have a working relationship with my local cardiologist who sends them lots of patients. So im just hoping that i am fit enough to have an op if they decide to do anything .

Thanks for the helpline number i will give them a ring . Regards Mark

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Hi was sorry to read what you are going through . I hope things look up for you with this Hospital and new Gp etc. Wishing you well x


Hi Mark,

I am sorry to hear that you are going through this difficult time. I would suggest speaking to the Patient Advice and Liasion Service (PALS) at your local hospital to see if they can offer any additional information/support about what to do in your circumstances.

it may also be helpful to call our helpline on 0300 330 3311 to speak to a cardiac nurse.

Take care,



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