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36 year old female diagnosed with pericarditis after 4 months of chest pain. More so right sided pain in ribs. A&e had said i was suffering anxiety as all tests came back negative until my gp arranged an echocardiogram.

I have been told I have pericarditis and also fluid present. I’ve been prescribed colchicine which don’t seem to be helping symptoms.

I am otherwise fit and healthy with no other medical conditions. But I have now became extremely anxious as the chest pains are a daily occurrence and cause me a lot of distress, this is almost 4 months in. Has anyone else had this condition for this period of time ?


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Hi Kiernan81,

I am so sorry you are having such a bad time. I have met quite a few patients with this condition who all say the same. Unfortunately, it is one of those conditions that really can take a while to resolve.

I would suggest going to see your GP/pharmacist to try some alternative/additional pain relief in the first instance. In addition, have you been reviewed by a cardiologist? Perhaps your GP can refer you to see if there are any treatments/intervention that could help.

From the anxiety side of things, causing a vicious circle ,you might like to look into having some type of talking therapy such as cognitive behavioural therapy, as evidence suggests it can help those with chronic pain conditions.

I really hope you feel better soon.

Take care,


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