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Eating more carbs for training

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Hi everyone,

I'm not new to heart disease but ,four years at 43 years old,I developed a few issues while running,I've fun for 27 years and always been active and a none smoker.Anyways i ended up in January 2014 with a double heart bypass,but no heart attack.I had a 95 percent block in the lad junction known as the window maker.However I recovered extremely quick back to running and training with no issues.However I've also struggled with my mental wellbeing and have been diagnosed with PTSD,I now take medication for this,and I'm doing well.My training is to a high level,and try not to go over my recommend Heart rate of 130 because of the beta blocker effect.I'm training for some upcoming races including the bhf L20trek,and various other half marathons,I train 5 times a week and I am running about 30k a week,2 two sessions of circuit training.My question is my food,I have a Mediterranean type diet,but I worry bout eating more calories,and have been told to eat more carbs,would this affect my cholesterol levels of triglycerides?

7 Replies
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Sounds like you are doing enough exercise to be able to burn off the additional calories! Are you are taking a statin? If yes, the extra carbs are unlikely to make any lasting or meaningful change to your triglyceride levels. My limited understanding is that you need to carbo load ahead of long distance running events. If you are fit enough to do them at all, I suggest you take the advice of the running community, and take the carbs. You can always stop again afterwards!


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MrHeartbypass in reply to stevejb1810

Cheers Steve I am on statins,thanks for advice.

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MichaelJHHeart Star

Being a Type I diabetic I have read a lot about carbs/fats/cholesterol. There are a couple of points:-

i) If you eat more carbs (calories) than you need you will put on weight and raise your cholesterol (this sounds like it would be unlikely for you)

ii) Carbs that have a low glycaemic index raise your blood sugar rapidly and can also raise your cholesterol. So sweets, biscuits, white bread, highly processed food, etc. are bad. Those with a high glycaemic index are far better, e.g. most fruits (not avocados as they have natural cholesterol), wholemeal bread, brown rice and wholewheat pasta.

Hope this gives you a start...

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Thanks Michael,I do eat a few advacados thou ,as they are good for raising levels of Hdl cholesterol.I might try some carb powders and Bananas .

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Being a marathon runner i understand what carbo loading means week before a marathon.

I do run more than 30K a week but i don’t pay attention to the quantity of carbs i would take. I have been careful with my diet all along (default if you are a marathon runner) but still ended up with CHD and had two stents put in around 8 months ago.

I would also recommend carbs with high glycaemic index, I start my day with a bowl of porridge and follow the day with high glycaemic index food.

Hope this helps.

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MrHeartbypass in reply to mandm65

Same here always looked after myself I've also been long distance runner,I've got the bug again for running,don't wanna shred my body,but worried about eating more as I look at my food already in close detail.I only weigh 65kg.Thanks for your help thou.

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Mr Heartbypass, I run regularly ( only around 20-25k a week) play squash and swim. I also take statins and beta blockers(bisoprolol). Depending what time i run after taking the Bisoprolol I find dictates whether i have a good run or not. I'm also around 10lb overweight which I gained prior to my quad bypass when exercising became a chore so I've cut down on the carbs. If i cut down too much however i find myself so tired and end up missing a run :( i guess what I'm saying is, changes need to be so gradual these days.

Good luck with the training


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