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Hi Guys. Had an ICD inserted o 3 Jan after spending Christmas and new year in hospital. All is going well apart from small visit to A&E with a haematoma and swelling around the insertion and that is going down now, review with cardiologist due at end Feb. Can any give me any idea how long before fatigue might subside? or when/how I might get some rehab?

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I had my ICD implanted in October 2016 and was the fittest bloke in the Cardiac Ward. I was told that it would take 6 to 12 months to get used to it and be back to somewhere normal, however I can't remember having any real fatigue and was back leading my walking groups after about 3 months. I have had to adjust my lifestyle and no more hill walking but I find that I do get tired a lot quicker than I did before but I put that down to not being able to get my fitness levels back up to pre-op levels, also I believe that my medication has a lot to do with my aches now.

All this has happened under the Spanish Health System (no 6 hour waits in Urgencias here) and we don't get rehab, we get chucked out of hospital and told to get on with life.

I am now running 3 walking groups including the one that I started after my op called 'Walking for Wellness' for those in a similar position to myself, but I am still able to do about 70% of my Saturday groups routes. Also I put some of the aches and pains down to age, I was 69 last week.


Hi MrMustard,

I hope you are beginning to feel better now after your ordeal. Stays in hospitals are exhausting at the best of times,so feeling fatigued is normal. You may have been prescribed a host of heart protective medication which take getting used to ,not to mention the intervention itself,especially if it was an unplanned procedure. You will have only just had a chance to sit back and think wow,what was all that about which can be overwhelming!

I would touch base with your GP if you haven't already. They should be able to check you over and there may be a local cardiac rehab programme you could be referred to,although this may depend on the reason for your ICD. Some services may not have the resources unfortunately,but it's always worth trying! Your cardiologist may be able to recommend rehab at the hospital where you were treated if it's available.

I hope I've helped.

Take care,



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