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Living with heart failure

Hi I'm 47 and recently been diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy and fast af. I've had to make a lot of changes to my life and feel quite low. I've recently had to move jobs due to the traveling and hours I feel I've been robbed of a place were I loved but feel so tired all the time. I'm at a big low at the moment how did others get over this please.

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Sorry to hear of your recent diagnosis; it certainly is very hard to assimilate the information you are given and fully appreciate what this means for your future.

You will see here on many threads that most of us have or have had struggles with the psychological impact of their medical condition. Peoples responses however seem to be as varied as their medical conditions! You will see some who are cast into depression and others who see their diagnosis as a “second chance” and have very positive outlooks.

My personal experience post heart attack was to feel incredibly lucky. I have had days when I have been down or troubled by minor aches and pains (fear of another heart attack etc) but overall I hang on to the positives.

Again from a personal perspective, i find it important to fill my time with as much positive experience as I can eg family events, travel, getting fitter etc etc and not to allow my condition to be the primary focus of my life.

I think what you are currently experiencing is a quite rational response to a shock but I trust that this stage will pass - if talking it through with friends, family, or on here doesn’t help then don’t be afraid to seek professional help.

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Hello there - sorry to hear you're feeling so low. This is very common after being diagnosed with a heart condition, especially at such a young age. Many people find it helpful to have talking therapies like counselling, which you can access through your GP. You might also want to speak to your occupational health department at work to see if there's any support they can offer too.

We have a booklet on emotional wellbeing, which you can download here: bhf.org.uk/publications/liv... or if you'd prefer a hard copy you can email us at hearthelpline@bhf.org.uk

I hope this helps,


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