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Heart of the matter


I had my angiogram yesterday, and a lovely bruise appearing already. I'm feeling quite washed out, yet everything went well.

I have been told I have 2 blocked arteries and a mitral heart leak, I was also told that I will need an operation to repair the arteries and valve, BUT this could take 4 months before I get an appointment !, I will be having it done at Papwoth Hospital. I can only assume that I am not a priority if I have to wait 4 months, but does seem a long time to wait.

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Hi Bowler, glad to hear it all went well. Bruising, well for me it was, fairly normal, tiredness and feeling washed out as well. Think maybe the worry and stress beforehand.

4 months does seem an inordinate amount of time, will you be in touch with your cardiologist in the meantime or maybe call them to ask, could be you are low priority or not at risk




When I left the hospital yesterday the cardiologist said " that the surgeon from Papworth visits the West Suffolk Hospital so I will get an appointment to see him there sometime before the procedure at Papworth" so lets hope I will be seen sooner than the 4 months, however, the Cardiologist also said that " if I get worse to call them" I can't fault the treatment I have had, but even though they fast tracked me it's still seems a long waiting time from start to finish, for me it will be 8 months that's if I have to wait till May for the op. I suppose we all want it done and dusted yesterday,

Patricia [ bowler ]

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Hello Patricia - sorry to hear you're feeling washed out after your angiogram. I'm sure that waiting 4 months for your procedure does feel like an awfully long time. It's good news that you're not considered so unwell that you're 'urgent' though if that's at all any comfort!

The important thing to remember is that while you're waiting for your surgery if any of your symptoms changes or get worse, or you have new symptoms, to report these to your doctor straight away. It might be that they want to bring your surgery forwards so you shouldn't just wait for your date in these cases.

I hope this helps,



I'm sure I'm not the only one that has to wait, and like you say "If I'm not so unwell they don't think I'm urgent " I have been given some tablets to take I will pick up the prescription tomorrow as they have to be ordered, I couldn't read the writing so I cant say what they are till I get them.

Thank you for your reply, it's nice to have this site to talk.

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Difficult subject waiting times.

I always think it helpful to keep some form of Timeline from Drs to Clinic to Tests to Results and then to Action. The NHS have targets to meet for every stage but it can take up to a year or so to get sorted. No comfort but I try to work on the basis that someone else is in a worse place than me, and need urgent treatment for life threating situations rather than treatment for relieving uncomfortable/worrying symptoms

No consolation if your waiting but resources are limited, I don't believe that if you need urgent treatment for life threating situations you have to wait long !!!


Frank W


Thank you for your reply,

Yes I quite agree, I probably wasn't seen as a priority. The lady who had her angiogram after me was kept in, so there's always someone worse off. The Nurses on the day surgery ward were excellent, their feet never touch the ground, they must walk miles every day.


I was an urgent, but I do know that their decision not to do op at this time is based on how blocked the arteries are or how leaky your valve is. Also how if you have had a heart attack the severity of it, or if it's damage your heart. There is a whole team deciding on your case It doesn't help with the time spent waiting. However, if you worsen or feel really unwell just do 999. Hope this helps


Thank you Twobells

I was told after the angiogram on Tues. that I had 2 blocked arteries, and a moderate to sever mitral valve leak. Thankfully I haven't had a heart attack. The cardiologist did say like you that "if I become unwell call 999" There are lots worse off than me, so I just need to sit it out try and relax and wait, at least by then it will be the spring.


I think the wait is stressful mine was so fast my feet didn't touch the ground. Just take things easy while you wait, so make the most of it and catch up with friends and family. Become a lady that lunches lol


Hi Bowler,

So sorry to hear you are bruised and washed out after your angiogram, I was tired for a few days after mine.

Others who have replied have helped to reassure you regarding urgency I’m sure. The waiting is the hardest but you can turn it to your advantage by getting everything in order before hand so that all you have to concentrate on post op is getting better. I had my op November so for me it was doing all the Christmas preps as well as all the cards and gifts for January birthdays etc. I also got a few jobs done that I had been putting off. Am I glad I did!

Fingers crossed you won’t be waiting too long, take care.

Dory x💕


Thank you Dory for you advice, I will make sure my freezer is well stocked beforehand as my husband can't cook hot water, but he can use the microwave.


I too waited 4 months, but as Dory said it gave me time to come to terms with the op and be as prepared as I could. I tried to get myself as fit as I could, walking 30 minutes a day and doing a few strengthening exercises if you are able. This helped enormously with my recovery. I'm assuming you told them you would accept an appointment at short notice? This may help bring the op forward. I also rang them from time to time to see how I was progressing up the list. Good luck, I hope you don't have to wait too long, xxx

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Thank you for the info and advice. I felt really drained after the angiogram on Tues, but better today, I must admit I haven't done much exercise for this past week, in fact I haven't felt like doing anything, I love my sewing, as I like to make quilts, but I can't seem to be bothered, a bit of depression creeping in. As I only had the results on Tues, I haven't thought about appointments etc., yet. I was told that I would meet the Surgeon at some point before I have the OP. at Papworth. I have also been prescribed some tablets for the angina to take once a day [ Isosoibride Mononitrate ] instead of the spray.

it's nice to have this site to communicate with others, thank you.


Everybody is so polite about the waiting and I obviously understand there are emergencies that have a knock on effect to waiting lists. But..... I do wonder about how the list works. Does some one come before my husband who is one of those unlucky ones waiting for a triple bypass only 56 healthy non smoker not overweight. The people who do not look after themselves become the emergencies.

Think I maybe going through the angry phase!!!


I can only assume that the "worse" are done first ? Perhaps your husband should come before me, as I'm 73 and had most of my life, maybe it differs from area to area, and how busy they are ?

After I had my angiogram the lady who had her angiogram after me was obviously in "need" as she was kept in as an emergency. as MKB38 said in her above post, "we could call the hospital and say " that we would accept a cancellation at short notice" I must admit I haven't done that.


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