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Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation (intermittent AF)


I am new to the group and would like to ask if anybody else out there has a similar diagnosis as myself.

After approx 8 years since my last bad AF experience which was medicated by Atenolol (then changed to Bisoprolol) and cutting out a lot of triggers e.g Smoking, Stimulants and other youthful acts I find myself 8 years on having regular AF'S mainly waking me at night.

In the 8 years up to now I did daily have irregular beats but nothing like I am currently experiencing which is the fluttering in the chest, increased HR and feeling very anxious and after a while breathless which I'm not sure whether it is the AF causing the breathlessness or anxiety or stress of the situation.

As my AF is not permanent, though is slowly becoming more often and prolonged episodes,my cardiologist is saying that it is very difficult to treat with anticoagulants as AF should be permanent to be treated that way. Is anybody else out there in a similar position and if so how is your AF being treated ? and can you give me any advice on questions I should be asking ?

I wish you all well and eagerly await any replies on questions I have asked or somebody with a similar story just wanting a chat.


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Hi Fast43, I have had several episodes of paroxysmal AF over the last 12 months, I collapsed during one episode and was taken by ambulance to hospital. I am now taking Warfarin as my surgeon explained that once someone has paroxysmal AF it can be a trigger for a blood clot to form so Warfarin is recommended.

Hope this is helpful.


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