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diagnosis and fear

hi all

this is my first time of posting, I was diagnosed in March with Atrial tachycardia and eptopic heartbeat so all in all the heart was not happy, now on medication which is controlling it most of the time and as the consultant says I have my days when its symptomatic. I think I have got past that fear each day of thinking I could drop dead any minute but I still feel scared about doing stuff. I have a desk job and my excersise is quite low and now feel even more scared about excersising. I also have diabetes type 2 and controlled high blood pressure as well as a few other things which makes life difficult. any tips.

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I’m in the same position and I couldn’t get though the fears of a different heart condition and without praying but I’m a Christian.


thanks, I am a committed believer too, god gives me strength every day but unfortunately when it comes to exercising the fear overtakes everything.


Same ere. I’m also working on this one too.


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