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This morning

So I thought I'd share my morning with you people.

For background information, I had a quad bypass last November after a heart attack.

Got up at 5 am still having trouble sleeping but hey no have always got up early, did the washing hung it out on the line as it was a beautiful day. Walked three miles into town at 7, had hair cut. Walked back via the dry cleaners, dropped suits off for cleaning. Into butchers got a chicken for lunch tomorrow, kids and grandkids over. Then green grocers for veg before home at 10. Coffee with the lovely, and long suffering wife, cut the lawn trimmed hedges, now feet up as I'm tired.

Smug satisfied, but I also know tomorrow will be a rest day, maybe a walk with the dog before lunch.

Wishing everyone a good day

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Hi Mark. It's great to hear that you're well enough to have such a nice, normal day, and I'm sure it will inspire others who might be going through tough times.

For my part, I bought a fitness tracker with HR monitor last weekend and it's helped to get me exercising more than I was. I've done 14 miles of speed walking this week over 3 walks and felt great afterwards, and will probably go for another this evening.

As you know, like you I'm almost 9 months in (after 2 stents) and there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Enjoy your weekend mate.

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Cheers Marc you too


I was exhausted reading this!! I think it is amazing and inspiring that you are able to achieve so much BUT PLEASE don't overdo it, there is a balance and remember life is for living and it is a marathon not a sprint. Enjoy life but make sure you manage to savour it along the way.

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If I thought I was overdoing it or didn't feel right I would have stopped Heather. We are all different so other peoples specifics shouldn't be used by anyone to measure themselves against, but it hopefully shows that things do improve. 6 months ago I wouldn't have dreamt I'd be able to walk like that. I was also keeping track of my heart rate so I didn't overdo it.

It's important to clarify that I also had rest days in between walks, which is just as important.


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