I am all excited!!

I see the surgeon at 1.45 today and hopefully he will give me the all clear to drive and to go on holiday - 2 HUGE things to me.

I can't believe that the appointment is here already the last 6 weeks seem to have both taken forever and sped by.

I obviously have a way to go as I am far from 100% but I have reached a big milestone.

To those at the start of their 'journey' you will get there, I know it will seem an uphill struggle and there will be lots of downs to go with the ups but trust me there is light at the end of the tunnel.

I have been out for a walk with my niece this morning and am walking like John Wayne but feel better for our walks 2.5 miles covered this morning, not much for some but I am happy with that.

I've had a nice shower and looking forward to the visit just to hopefully to start the next part of my life.

Anyone know what I should expect?

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  • Hi Heather, good for you and I am excited for you too.

    For mine I was in the waiting room for what seemed an eternity before being called in. Once in I was asked how I was getting on, any issues that I had.

    The scar was examined, prodded(which was uncomfortable, so if you are taking some pain relief maybe a pill 20 or so minutes before). He pronounced all good and going well, then I asked the questions that I had prepared.

    For my case, I was discharged, I should have thought to ask who should I contact if I have issues/problems going forwards, so add that one to your list!

    Hope all goes well,

  • Thanks for that , just for your info I made an awful face when I read the prodding comment as I am no longer taking any pain killers but my scar does give me some discomfort.

    I am about to print off my medication list and think I will also print off my questions ready to ask.

    All I need now is my car back from the body shop, they have only had it for 5 weeks!!!!!!!

  • had to laugh when i saw the pain killers comment, exactly as I did as soon as I could. I hope your car is back soon as well!!

  • Good luck, just let me know when you're on the road, hahaa, only joking, you'll be fine:)

  • Keep out of South Wales!! LOL!

  • She did prod the scar but was quite gentle so luckily no need for pain killers! Phew!!

  • Good luck Heather!!

  • Thanks!!

  • Hi Heather,

    The reference to the "journey" rings very true... at the start it is incredibly hard to come to terms with, but things do improve as time goes by. It's an important message for those who are in the early stages.

    Every step you take is good Heather so please don't be hard on yourself doing 2½ miles.. that's a good walk. Everyone is different so the only datum you should measure yourself against is you, and your improvement. If you're improving, you're going in the right direction, and that's all you can do. I did chuckle at the John Wayne comment though. lol

    Well done and good luck.

  • Well all done and dusted and DISCHARGED!!! I will see the cardiologist back in my original hospital and any questions I either see my GP or the therapists during exercise.

    I can drive, go on holiday, work anything I want (within reason)

    You can tell I am single (and happy) because S-E-X didn't come into the conversation!!! LOL sorry if TMI!!!

    You can tell I am happy!!

  • whoo hoo, great news and very happy for you!!

  • Hahaa, good for you girl:) well done.

  • So pleased for you Heather...you go girl x

  • Great news Heather. A huge step forward.

  • Glad it all went well today.

  • Brilliant to hear you are discharged! So nice of you to share your journey and support those of us starting out on ours :)

  • I still have some way to go but anything I can do just ask away!

  • Brill news Heather! Onwards and Upwards!

  • P.S just a reminder although I am sure no-one is likely to be as daft as me. When I showered I put some bio oil around the scar as it is very 'tight', not a good idea as it made it hard for the ECG pads to stick (I had one prior to the appointment) luckily they managed to get a reading but if you have to go don't put anything on.

    PPS car failed the MOT today (boo hiss) but is being repaired tomorrow morning, should cost less than £100 so could have been worse. I wanted to take things easy with the driving anyway and so far I have reversed onto the hard standing and driven about 3/4 mile to the garage. I should have been more precise!!

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