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Modulen , any one else tried it?

My son went to India 2 years ago and caught Gardia and Cryptosporidium . Ever since he has had diarrhoea 5 - 15 times a day, can't control his weight, has stomach pains and is now dairy, alcohol, wheat and fruit intolerant. He is also limited to what he can eat.

He has seen an IBD nurse and has been told he has colitis , he still hasn't seen a consultant and is getting much worse.

He finally saw a dietician this week who wants to try him on Modulen for 4-6 weeks, where he has 8 supplement drinks a day totalling 2000 calories.

Has anyone else tried this and what success rate does it have.

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Hi There, I can very well imagine the situation of your son, as I am in exactly same situation. So far I can not even look at dairy stuff. Modulen is having Casein, which is another type of protein, slow digesting one. If your son is intolerant to any form of dairy, I am not sure but dietitian is more knowledgeable than me :), Please let me know how it goes.