The final list of things you need to have before birth:

Please add more suggestions:

baby wipes

changing mat

sleep suit

cotton (disposable) nappies




hat and gloves

lots of blankets

a washing bath


baby soap or shampoo

nappy cream

baby thermometer


a bad to put everything in

feeding bottles (more than one)

formula powder (back up in case)

Anything I've missed?

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  • I would add a dummy! And also a moses basket, or other carrying basket. And for some people a car seat, of the type that can be unclipped and carried into the home...

  • i think a baby carrier that is attached to ones chest is a good investment. There are various makes but they are more or less the same - a sort of baby 'fron-pack' rather than a back back. then the baby can easily sleep, but mum or dad can go for a walk...

  • sleeping bag! as you often end up on the floor I found...

  • nailcutter for baby, it will help to keep ur baby away from bad eyes as well as babies nails grows more early we can think off :)