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baby after caesarean

I have had a caesarean last was my 7th baby.i have had 3 miscarriag...


If the doctor say your 9w2d are u really that or they add weeks? LMP was Nov ...


Hi, I would like some advice please. I'm 7+ days late due for my period, I feel...


Hi my last period was on the 3rd of November and I checked ovulation calendar an...

how improve muscle

Initially, let's display one fancy of several body-builders: to regress fat, bus...

i am in my 6 months pregnancy i have high BP everyday whatz the best diet for me and for my baby and how can i control my BP

Back ache

I am on my 20th week. I am working and these days i have constant back ache. Ple...


Dear all, we are looking for keen volunteers! Please send a message to us - we ...

what food is best in pregnancy

is it effective to take saffron after 7th month....?

I am going 7th month pregnancy. Pls suggest food for my baby growth and also suggest exercise.

hi, i m 6 month pregnent, m very afraid of skin problems, vl any of u suggest me hw sud i care fr ma skin. i m first time pregnent.

what should I eat and do as I'm in my 2/3 months pregnancy?

what food should i take in 8 months pregnancy for the betterment of my child?


Dear Members, Please suggest a new poll.

Dear Members, thanks to all those who have contributed by answering questions an...

I am 29 week pregnant.My hemoglobyn level is 9.3.I think it is low.Is it can create a problem during delivery?

in a 6week 5days pregnancy can the baby feel its mother's touch and voice.

iam facing severe financial problems please can anyone help me?

i am in five month of pregnancy what should i eat for baby growth?

Is it worth it to buy a Pregnancy Pillow?

What is Pregnancy pillow..

Pregnancy is the most important period in a woman’s life. She is really excited ...

best food ideas for 8 months old boy baby ?

hi my son is 8 months and making him eat is very difficult now a days can any on...

my 2 months old baby poops about 8-10 times a day? consistency is liquid ,we can say runny .please help.nd suggest me.

Teething and no sleep!

My daughter is 12 months old and seems to be teething. She only just recently st...

I am 2 & half months preg nw..bcz of excess vomitting i cant even drink water or eat anything.i am afraid if dis will harm my baby's health

I am getting tired day by day .will this vomiting continue till delivery?? anyon...

after pregnancy how many month we can do sex?

what are the things needed by the mother before going to the hospital for birth?

how to stop thumb sucking

Hi..Frnds Just wanna know why do baby of 1mts does potty after 4 to 5 days? Is it Normal

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