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So, the tricky question of baby food! When should you begin solids? What should you start with? What should you avoid and when can you introduce more grown-up things....

Let's get started:

First things first: all babies are different. Some will like some things, others will prefer other things. But I suggest you try AFTER 6 months, rice, apple puree, pear puree, apricot puree, carrot puree, avocado puree, ragi, peas and beans. Purees are the best - boil, steam and then mash - you can even squeeze through a sieve.

NB: do not add salt or sugar And NO HONEY til they are older (watch out for botulism)

How often? To begin with start slow but remember the golden rule: All babies are different, so see how it goes and adjust accordingly. Maybe aim for one meal a day to begin with then breast milk and formula. Some babies take to eat straight away, others like to go more slowly... there's no rush. NB Don't fee solids too late at night.

Also, when you start solids, also good idea to start a bit of water. some 50 -100 mls not cold or hot.

Finally, once they've been eating for 2 or 3 months, gradually introduce more variety, and then introduce finger foods. By age one they should be eating alot of different things...

I hope this helps! Any other tips????

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Avocado mixed with banana is a good one. And it is very nutritious. The problem with rice, ragi, or sweet potato is they have limiited nutrition value - avos, bananas, fruit are better


My sister always gives her baby daughter (8 months) mashed food mixed with milk and warmed up a little bit. This always works well. Maybe its the taste of the milk...


Don't forget prunes, or dates - heated and mashed... and then allowed to cool to warm. Very nice.