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If the doctor say your 9w2d are u really that or they add weeks?

LMP was Nov period due Dec 17 with a 28day unprotected Nov.26th....with bf & with random guy only ONCE Dec.20th with condom but it fell off inside me. Now I'm 9w2d got ultrasound yesterday I was9w1d

So I missed my period for the 17th & didn't get with random guy till 20th dec.

So the dad will be my bf right?

I don't think it can be the other guy because my AF was due on 17th & still didn't come on 20th so will it be possible to get pregnant by the "other guy" even if he came inside me?

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it does sound more likely your pregnancy is from the unprotected sex rather than the condom falling off, so it does sound like your bf is daddy, does he know about the random guy?


especially because you will have already been pregnant whilst you slept with the random guy hun x


No he doesn't know,it was a horrible mistake. I'm really happy to hear you say it's my bf. I swear I was going crazy lol... Thanks