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Measuring peak flow

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I had to get a new peak flow meter last week and have been having real problems with consistency. When I first used the new unit (different make to the previous one) I was shocked at how high my reading came out but know that different meters can vary. When I do my three readings, it is incredibly inconsistent with readings more than 200 apart from each other. I have checked my technique and am taking the readings whilst looking in the mirror. I’ve stopped measuring my peak flow right now as it seems completely pointless with such massive variability. Has anyone else had this problem? I don’t know whether to take it back to the pharmacy as faulty, ask for a prescription for a different one or to buy one online - any suggestions?

(Photo of the new, inconsistent one)

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I would go back to pharmacy and ask for another one as this is faulty. They will probably check technique but then should replace.

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HBaaBaa in reply to Bevvy

Thank you - it feels so wrong not to know my peak flow reading!

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EmmaF91Community Ambassador

You could try taking it back to the pharmacy explain the issue and ask the pharmacist to check your technique. If you’ve never had an issue in the past then it’s highly likely it’s the meter, so they’ll hopefully replace it. However this way it’ll be reassuring to you too!

Just an idea

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HBaaBaa in reply to EmmaF91

Thanks Emma - that sounds like a good idea although the pharmacy were pretty useless when I asked them to show me how to use my new inhaler a few weeks ago. I’ll give it a go though!

Hi Yes I've noticed the same according to this new meter my p\f has increased by 10 to 20 % from my old I've stopped using it now.

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HBaaBaa in reply to Jonn54

Thank you - it’s helpful to know I’m not the only one. I think the sudden leap in values is worrying and potentially dangerous but I’m more concerned about the inconsistencies in readings. I’ve ordered a Mini Wright meter from Amazon today as I really need to have an accurate picture of my peak flow.

I’d ask the pharmacist for advice on your technique just incase it’s slightly off the one I purchased was from Amazon it looks exactly like the one that my asthma nurse uses. Hope you get it sorted

Update: I have been back the pharmacy today ( very busy) and the pharmacist said these are the only ones she is able order at the moment and can’t get the preferred ones in. She suggested I contacted my asthma nurse. Thankfully I have taken matters into my own hands and bought another one which is far more consistent and means I’m able to monitor my peak flow more accurately again!

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