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Full of a bad cold

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I have got asthma and currently I've have got a bad cold. I've had it since a week last Friday. I'm not sneezing as much as I was, but I've constantly got a stuffy runny nose that I can't seem to shift and makes it hard to breathe through my nose especially at night. I know it's just a cold but I'm nervous and wish I could find a way to get better quicker. As I've tried cold and flu remedies and also decongestants. I've also got a sore part in the left front side of my mouth. Plus I'm tired all the time and just want to sleep and it's affecting my IBS.

Does anyone have any advice?

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To be honest if the ususal cold remedies aren't working, rest and drink plenty to stay well hydrated and you'll have to ride it out as that's the way with viruses. If it's not affecting your asthma then great (and it may well not do so) don't worry about that. If you think it is then you need to contact your nurse or GP as you normally would if your asthma is affected. Hopefully it won't get worse. Lots of people have viruses at the moment which seem to be taking a long while to go so it does sound normal in that respect. Friends who've had similar have found pacing themselves and accepting it might take a while has helped. I hope it leaves you alone soon!

My cold/virus box of tricks includes, Holland & Barrett VitC & Zinc lozenges, Listerine (gargle, gargle, gargle), paracetamol, Beconase for clearing sinuses, brandy (nighttime toddy to help me sleep), regular fresh lemon, honey & cinnamon hot drinks and rest. The earlier I start, the better the results.

Over the counter decongestants will only work for about 3 days and after that will actually cause congestion. I avoid them totally. Beconase can take a few days to work if congestion has set in, but if used early enough, can stop congestion in its tracks. I will use it for at least two weeks or until I know the virus has well passed.

Hope you feel better soon.

If it doesn't affect your asthma Olbas oil may help your blocked nose but as twinkly said, it's a case of riding it out unless of course your asthma is affected.

Our old family GP in the 1960's once said "If you get a cold and take something you will have it for 2 weeks. If you get a cold and take nothing you will have it for14 days". Some colds are lingering longer than that unfortunately at the moment. Hope you soon feel better.

I use the old remedy of rubbing vicks on my throat and chest before sleeping g as this helps breathing. I also use First Defence which is excellent at preventing a cold developing in the first instance. Hope you feel better soon

I feel for you, currently I am in the same boat! Hopefully your asthma behaves. I have been rinsing my nose with sterimar spray and that is keeping it relatively clear. Plus lots of fluids, rest and calming activities. I hope you see some improvement soon 😊

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