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Hello , hope everyone is well this evening. I noticed that my omeprazole has disappeared on my health app.

I had one box , 28 days . I wondered if it is not recommended for long term use ?

It's odd that it is no longer on my history but then again my app had my jab history for years and that also disappeared.

My app is not a good one compared to my previous one anyway.

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I have been taking for years. Not missing from my repeat prescription.

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RACrally in reply to Bevvy

There's conflicting information about this drug Bevvy , if you do look it up it says no more than 14 days ! Plus , it does have people who use it a lot too .

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Bevvy in reply to RACrally

Oh well all I know is my doctors are happy for me to take long term.

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RACrally in reply to Bevvy

I don't have a good relationship with my doctor but I'm going to look now because if I do need it now it's ran out I suspect I can simply buy it .

Thanks for your reply x

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twinkly29 in reply to RACrally

For certain conditions it probably should only be for a certain number of days, but doctors will be able to change this as required in things like that. Sometimes it's so that people don't just carry on regardless without a doctor's knowledge or review (thinking more like ibuprofen etc here). So the root of the problem is found.

With a prescribed medication it might well just need a doctor to re-allow it on the system. Most things need reviewing annually if not sooner (as in a button click if nothing else), though often not at the same time. So hopefully if you call your surgery and mention it a doctor can either sort that or call you back to discuss it if there's an issue.

I've been taking it for 15 years.

I been taking it for years no problems. Maybe you just need to contact gp to get it added back on.

This has happened to me before. Just ring the surgery and asked why it is no longer on repeat? It's possible gp wants to review depending on condition some people are on them long term. After a phone call mine was put back on.

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RACrally in reply to ahfat41

They didn't answer my questions 3 times on their online prescription queries , about something else : (

Omeprazole is not recommended for continuous use due to the risk of bone fractures. I take magnesium oxide at night and that does the trick for reflux. I was taking antacids but they weren't fully effective.

Hello. Which app are you referring to?

Patient access , it doesn't have the info really. My old system online had jabs going back to the sixties

Oh yes. My inhalers vanished off patient access. I contacted the surgery and they didn’t know why. I think you just have to keep an eye on it and let them know if the system doesn’t show what it should. I am on omiprozole too. I only take it when I feel the smallest sign I might need need it but I have have monthly prescriptions of it for a couple of years. I have the opposite problem with it keep being automatically dispensed even when I’ve told them that I don’t need any for a while. I’m not a fan of patient access. Seems to have a mind of its own.

I've been on it for years. Mine dissapears off my repeat prescriptions after I've ordered it and comes back on 7 days before I'm due to order again.

Ah yes that's a good point. Mine does that, as well as it needing to be re-confirmed as a repeat every year. Once I went on to check something and had hardly any meds....but it was just because I couldn't order at that time!

I have been taking it for around 22 years for acid reflux. I have asked my GP on several occasions if its okay to use long term, and they said yes.

I only take it when on a course of steroid, that's what my doctor recommended 🙂

I read the patient information leaflet and saw that PPIs were only intended for short term use which really worried me so I thought about what could be exacerbating things. I radically altered my diet and stopped taking them.

They are one of those drugs that aren’t meant to be taken long term but often are because they help the side effects of other drugs.

I now have osteoporosis and the taking of PPIs is one of the things that can cause osteoporosis - especially as in my case there is a family history of osteoporosis and it wasn’t mentioned when the PPIs were prescribed- so I think you’ve got to weigh up which condition you want to settle for. In my case it was reflux or dodgy bones although I didn’t know about the effect they had on bones at that time, I just didn’t like the idea of taking them long time.

I did have this on my list, but never sure on how long to use for. I did find that had raised inflammation in stomach and chronic stomach pain after starting this medication. After lists of tests over a year, ended up with IBS diagnosis. Though having stopped taking this had no recurrences of stomach pain, though asthma been slightly worse. Even with this I’d be very hesitant to go back on.

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