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Asthma or something else

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My asthma has been severe lately, several hospital trips and a few admissions. Monday was my last one. Well today I feel horrific, hardly been able to move.. My eyes hurt, I'm exhausted, my chest feels tight, I'm really sweating and just in general feel weak and my heart is racing.. I don't know if this is asthma related or something else? My peak flow is 180 so not great i don't know if i should try sleep it off or call 111.

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Hi, I'd call 111. Hope you feel better soon.

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EmmaF91Community Ambassador


Sorry to hear that you’re not well. I’m not sure what your best PF is, but if it’s not responding to your reliever and is under 50% you need to take yourself to hospital. It sounds like you may have a cold/virus, but they can trigger off your asthma. Call 111 and get some advice but if you’re already on steroids and have taken you’re reliever to little effect/not lasting too long it may be that you need hospital again

Hope you feel better soon

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Titch1908 in reply to EmmaF91

I'm going to ring 111 just for some advice, my neck is really stiff and hurts too just feeling really off and not right at all. On 40mg pred have been for a couple of months now alongside a few other medications. I am just completely exhausted with it all now and want to feel well.

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Good luck

How did you get on titch? I agree with emma if 50% of your best pf then hospital especially as your having such a bloody tough spell of it. Does sound like a viral load on top of asthma have kids got virus symptoms too?

How are you today?

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