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Prednisone first time

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Hello lovely people

Due to my symptoms worsening since the weather got wetter and colder, I’ve been changed today from clenil to fostair. Im not worried about this but I’ve also been prescribed a 6 day course of prednisone and I’m terrified of taking it. I know this probably sounds daft and I’m taking 30mg in the morning starting tomorrow.

I’m on a low calorie no carb diet trying to lose weight so that worries me, but also other side effects. I struggle with sleep and complex PTSD so my mood is also a worry.

Can I ask your experiences please?

Thank you x

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I don’t have any real problems with it Emzcat. A bit restless at night, a bit of bloating that goes away when the course is finished. For me, the benefits far outweigh the side effects I experience, given that it is only for a short time.

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Emzcat41 in reply to Troilus

Thank you Troilus that’s so reassuring.

I know I need it, my gp has mentioned it a few times but now she’s insisting quite firmly lol. I’m looking forward to it working! X

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Troilus in reply to Emzcat41

It is good Emzcat. Amazing.

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Emzcat41 in reply to Troilus

I’m hopeful I’ll look back and realise how bad my breathing was, I mean I know it’s not right, but I imagine it’ll be like when your blocked nose clears and you can breath after a cold - but much better if you know what I mean lol! Sorry waffling lol x

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madonbrew in reply to Emzcat41

Hi Emzcat,

For a short course you hopefully won’t have any problems! They seem to start more so when it’s regular or longer term use.

I’ve just finished a course and I really can tell the difference.

Hope you feel better soon!


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Emzcat41 in reply to madonbrew

Thank you Dee

I’m less worried now you have both said it’s not too bad and it helps. I’m glad it worked for you too x

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ninelives in reply to Troilus

Great reply

Totally agree .

Hey, I’ve been on 40mg steriod for about 4 weeks now. Alongside fostair, spriva and sabultamol. I find the worst side effects are the puffy face, I too have complex ptsd and I just find things to do of an evening to keep me occupied if I can’t sleep so I don’t get stuck in the cycle of anxiety and having flashbacks etc. I regularly take courses of steriods for my asthma and I’ve never had any awful side effects for my mood. The worst is puffy face, and not being able to sleep. X

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Emzcat41 in reply to Titch1908

Thank you Titch, it’s very reassuring to hear from you, I’m sorry you suffer too. The CPTSD is awful I’d never wish it on anyone, it complicates every part of life. Mind you so does asthma I’m learning lol.

Big hugs x

It is good to take it in the morning and by evening the course would have eased and less effect on your sleep. Taking it at night will definitely obstruct a good sleep and all sorts of dreams, from my experience.

Avoid upping your meals and it is good you are on Veg diet. Please keep it and be more regimented about the diet. You are not likely to add weight if you don’t up your food intake and you maintain your physical activities.

Remember worrying is not side effect of the drug, it is a condition that we Intuitively engage our minds. Disengage it please.

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Emzcat41 in reply to Luwoyes

Thank you Luwoyes

I’ve taken it at 8am so hopefully I’ll get some sleep, if I don’t I’ll use my time wisely and get some study done (I’m a mature student) so it may be a win win haha!


I don't take it everyday but I have taken prednisone several times for asthma flares-up. From my experience, it makes me better and I find I have no problems with it.

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Emzcat41 in reply to B_Asthma

Thank you that’s very reassuring x

i have a few sleep problems when I am on steroids, but say to myself "this is only for a short while and I really need them" back to normal when treatment finished

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Emzcat41 in reply to Trimley

At least we know it’s short lived - easier to cope with then. Thank you x

Hi, I too have CPTSD, and occasionally am on oral steroids - usually I have to do slightly more than 5 days, maybe more like 8, to settle the asthma, and it’s these latter few days that seem to make the difference, in that it’s at the end of a course I get the carb munchies and possibly more anxious, though not always. Let me say categorically that neither of these in any way put me off the steroids since they are so helpful for the asthma. Before the carb-craving end of the course, generally the effect of the steroids is energy raising so I get quite zippy and busy, getting lots done making the most of the energy boost. Re the effect on the cptsd, if you find yourself feeling more anxious, try not to be afraid of the feelings, remember that they’re just the steroids and that they’ll pass. Good luck, hope you feel better soon, this weather’s proving challenging for my asthma too 😊 xx

That’s really helpful thank you. Just knowing I’m not alone in asthma or CPTSD have such a comforting benefit. Though I am obviously sorry for anyone else living with either xx

Definitely not alone 😊 and I’m sure many with asthma can anyway relate to anxiety generally as the two go hand in hand, so much so that my difficult asthma clinic has a psychologist attached to the unit.

One possible thing to look out for on the steroids is possibly a bit of a dip after finishing them, given the buzz they can give, so not to feel alarmed by that if it happens.

Thank you that’s good to know x

The only thing that I have experienced with the medicine is that you loses your taste and it taste horrible. It works very well so it is worthwhile taking it.

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Emzcat41 in reply to Sugar246

Thanks sugar

That’s good to know you lose your taste - I’d be panicking it’s covid if I hadn’t of known that! X


Hi Emzcat

I developed asthma late in life that led to EGPA. I was on 1000mg a day when first hospitalised and 100mg when I left hospital 5 weeks later. I am still on 5mg a day over 3 years later and it is amazing. I have strange dreams and a bit of belly fat but it allows me to function at a normal level.


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Emzcat41 in reply to cairneyh1

I’m sorry you’ve had such an awful time but it’s really positive to hear it’s worked so well for you Harry!

I’ve got the menopause belly anyway so I’m used to stretchy waistbands lol.

Hope you stay well! X

Hi emzcat I've been having short courses 3-7 days prednisolone for years never had any issues. Always felt so much better for it, I remember every time I'd think "why didn't I start it sooner "

This year not been able to come off so having side effects insomnia and weight gain mood but that's 10 months on high dose.

Not got CPTSD but yea seem to have adopted anxiety/depression but as others have said it seems to go with any ongoing debilitating illness such as asthma not for everyone but some also I think COVID has huge part to play in peoples anxiety this year!!!

Well done for being at college/uni I was classed as a mature student at 24 haha. Oh and I take prednisolone as early as possible in morning 🙂😁 hope you feel better soon.

Thank you lovely

I’m 41 and decided to do uni! Must be mad!

Crikey you’ve been through it, I’m sorry to hear you are struggling but I’m glad the prednisone is helping.

I’ve learnt so much from this forum it’s so lovely and people really do support each other - thank you x

Lol I'm 37 qualified in 2012 . Uni is hard going but I didn't even have asthma like this then so hats of to you and everyone else doing it with the "asthma journey " 🤣😂.

This forum is amazing only joined few months ago best thing I did as you say everyone so helpful and supportive.

I was a bit gutted my "new asthma" didn't come with a manual or list of symptoms and when you should act on things... so I did my usual ignored and carried on.. then joined forum and had a good talking to how I was burying my head and need to go to hospital which I did and got admitted - what an eye opener 😂🤣🤪 it's like a crazy crash course in asthma!! Welcome btw 🙂

Absolutely same here! Where’s the manual lol x

I've just finished a 40mg course for my asthma becoming worse

The common for me side effects are:

Little sleep (3-4hours here and there)

Major hunger (like permanently starving)

Feeling like superman and being able to breathe better (I do like being able to breathe)

But to be honest I try to eat fruit and not eat crap when I'm on prednisolone... i know the permanent hunger is the prednisolone

And i grab sleep here and there when I can after a few days I'm so tired and wide awake I fall asleep and get a good night

But I find prednisolone works really quickly like a few hours and things are easier

I saw somewhere that someone once called them "the devils tic tacs".... sadly a necessary evil for asthma


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Emzcat41 in reply to Chip_y2kuk

Thanks Chip

Now ive finished my course I 100% understand the ‘feeling like superman’

I honestly felt like I was on amphetamines I’ve never had so much energy or been so productive! Despite the lack of sleep! It was good timing because all my family came down with covid symptoms, they were negative it’s just a nasty virus but I’ve subsequently now got it and my peak flow has dropped so I’ll be back to gp lol x

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Chip_y2kuk in reply to Emzcat41

Yes people always say to me.. you look well..... i say its amazing what steroids will do for you (most know I'm an asthmatic)

Despite the lack of sleep and not being able to eat enough to feel full I always get told I look well and after a few days I don't feel bad at all

Thats good that your family where negstive for covid but its not good that you've caught something....for me any virus makes a beeline for my lungs thats why i do my best to stay well and give me immune system a little boost with royal jelly (a good quality one) i tend to miss most of the viral things my Mrs and little one have had a virus a few weeks ago and the little one was better within a week and the Mrs suffered for a few weeks... it seemed to pass me by

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