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Does anyone get asthma with high peak flow

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I am getting asthma symptoms regularly. I have had asthma over 20 years and something has changed. I get asthma a lot more often now. Weird thing is woke up this morning coughing and wheezing. Took my peak flow and its really good. Thinking it might not be asthma or my asthma has changed as I get so a lot now when never used to.

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Yes, I'm told that peak flow is really only good for measuring large airways so the issue/irritation could be in your small airways and your peak flow wouldn't drop much if at all...

Makes sense as I take spiriva and duoresp spiromax, both have a muscle relaxant effect to keep your airways open.... but they sometimes dont get to the smaller airways

Thanks that helps - usually I know my asthma is worsening because my PF drop from 400 mark to 350.

Recently like Thompson_2009 I have been wheezing a lot but PF has been fine was thinking was my Hayfever rather than asthma causing wheeze this time.

Not taken ventolin because PF fine.

Plan says PF or symptoms so should I take my ventolin just for the wheeze?

I am not short of breath when wheezing so haven't used the ventolin.

Yes I was told *not* to go on peak flow alone and also use symptoms... I.e sometime my peak flow drops and I have no symptoms.. sometimes my peak flow doesnt drop and I have symptoms

So when my peak flow drops enough to concern me a little i take ventolin or extra spiromax but when i have symptoms and peak flow doesnt drop much i do the same

Yep, at the moment I have a really good peak flow but I am struggling with control (3 nasty attacks in the last months). Salbutamol has not been responding with usual dose. A specialist has diagnosed me with chronic sinusitis which I am being treated for. I’ve only had a few days of treatment but I am slowly improving. Go and see your GP if your symptoms are getting worse and you are concerned.

Hey! I recently discovered that my asthma plan wasn’t really working for me when I was experiencing symptoms whilst still achieving PB peak flow readings.

My consultant advised me very recently that peak flow is just one of many indicators and for me, not to read into it and record it daily anymore. I did some reading on this and also asked in here on a previous post and found it really interesting

Yes I have recently been diagnosed and I have a very high PF and large lung volume of 6.7 ltrs for my height of 180 cm. When I'm doing ok I can hit 800 on my PF meter which sounds great. I achieved 833 after reversability testing during spirometry. However when I'm struggling I can't get over 500 and about 300 when its very bad. It's the difference between the high and low which matters. Especially to me! I have done lots of aerobic & CV sport over the years but at 53 Y.O found myself in real trouble. It's under reasonable control now with Clenil Modulite. This site has been very helpful and I realise that I'm quite fortunate compared to many other sufferers.

I feel very lucky too deepbreath01. My breathing isn’t great at the moment and i’ve had to go to A and E but this is a blip. I’ve had 25 years of very mild asthma, which has only troubled me slightly once in a blue moon. I can lead a pretty normal life and I am slowly getting that control back now that my medication has been upgraded. For some trying to do everyday things is impossible and control of their asthma is extremely difficult to achieve, if at all.

Me too, my peak flow is good even when my asthma is bad.

I was being exposed without realising to a water damage/mold and therefore also bacteria/virus in my home. I had the most horrid increase in breathing difficulties and let me assure you it was a VISUALLY very small site. Those with breathing difficulties, asthma and allergy so especial bad with these microbes, beware.

do your inhalers work as well as they use to?

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I don't think they do, have been taking them for 20 years.

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i have had a similar experience as you, life long asthmatic, constant shortness of breath, constantly coughing, inhalers not working much and good peak flow, my gp worked out it isn't asthma. I probably have silent reflux (LPR) it is often mis-diagnosed as asthma. There are other potential matches.

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Hi yes I have the same symptoms and went for ent and they confirmed it was lpr. Bin on a life style change for coming up 3 weeks now and still feel short of breath. They said it can take 3 to 6 months to go back to normal. It really does suck.

It's definitely asthma as soon as I go somewhere where the air is clean asthma goes

My mum is taking me to the seaside in September in the hope that the sea air may help my asthma!

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