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Puzzling Asthma / Inflammation / Polyp Symptom

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I suffer from Asthma complicated by Nasal Polyps.

Since my Asthma took a turn for the worse a couple of years back, I’ve had one symptom I can’t get any sense out of the Docs over.

Basically, an almost constant strong ‘burning sensation’ on my tongue and in my ears.

My guess is that’s it’s inflammation, caused, possibly, by Nasal Polyps / Sinus Infection. None of the drugs I use, including Oral Steroids, seem to shift it.

Anyone else with this ongoing symptom, and clear insight as to what causes it?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi there, I read your post & wondered as you mention asthma & nasal polyps if you have been checked out for EPGA (formerly known as Churg Strauss)?

Worth looking into & mentioning to your GP for further investigation imho.

Take care & best wishes

Sorry..it’s EGPA..eosinophilic granulomatosis with polyangitis.

Best wishes

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Thanks for your comment. I do attend a Specialist Asthma Clinic but am unware whether they’ve spefically ruled that out. Will ask my GP when I see him in a week or two. Thanks.

The burning sensation might be caused by viruses or bacteria infecting the nerves. Polyps are virus bourne. HSV herpes symplex, shingles and TB can travel the nerves and set up depots of infection. Allergic responses to viruses are most commonly the result of vaccination which bypasses the lgA normal immune response in the mucous membranes, skin and gut by the altered lgE allergic response to all pathogens in vaccines that are ingrafted directly into the bloodstream.

Thanks for that. Most appreciated.

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