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Help with benefits

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hi can anyone out there got good advise. I am going through really hard time been disabled since I was a child. I phoned dla to say someone was going to be nasty and report me and cause dwp caught me walking down one road 3 days on the troot but the road I was walking down was my chemist and my Dr s I do get some good days. That's why I need help I can be at home for weeks and weeks 7 days a week then I could have 3good day so should I say 7 days a week or 5 days out of seven confused and I keep getting chest infections am really depressed and down with it all am not trying to beat the system I just want what I should get I am really feeling rough . Merry Xmas

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How stable is it? My Severe Asthma is affected so much by the environment, allergies, temperature etc that it varies from hour to hour and is unpredictable. Though my bad times clearly outnumber the good times. Can I suggest you look on the British Lung Foundation forum where you will find links to specialist nurses, there is one who provides help and guidance with benefits. Also, look on the website where there is a great deal of useful info. Think about how far you can manage before you need to stop and catch your breath, can you walk the same distance again reliably, safely, repeatable without making you worse, tired, worn out?

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thanks for ur reply I sound very much like ur self I ve never try to fraud the system. I need help at night cant be left on my own as I go walk about in my sleep or out of it with the morphine I feel down the stairs over Xmas have done this a few times. Hope its not to private question but am very depressed at the min not like me at all do u get depressed and down with it all does it ever get on top of u. Thanks for ur reply

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I am depressed most of the time, because in addition, I have a diagnosed immune deficiency disease, and spend my life stumbling gasping from one infection to another. We need to get out in the fresh air, anything to stop me hearing myself wheeze. All my time is spent sorting meds and nebulisers and trying to get mucus up which will be white for half a day, then change back to varying degrees of green because I am colonising the lovely Pseudamonus (never could spell it right). On Wednesday I am going to Addenbrookes to be taught how to give myself intravenous antibiotics and also have a PICC line put in. My peak flow is between 100 and 130, maybe once in a blue moon, 140\150. It was never particularly good they now tell me. Have you had a care assessment? Been in touch recently with the council? You certainly sound as if you could do with help with the forms, so can I suggest you ring the helpline at the British Lung Foundation as recommended? I am sure they will be a letter to provide some guidance.

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thank you , am bad all the time like ur self I ve had hickmanlines and portacaths, I also know how to do iv s and iv antibiotics u will be fine u just have to put them through very slowly and I know how feel with infection s cause I have one after another and it drains me its nice someone understand s big thank u means alot to me

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how u getting on with ur picc line how did u find doing the antibiotics hope all went fine with u please let me know how u got on many thanks

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