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Only 8 days to go and counting!

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Today's is my last day of taking 10mg of prednisolone then on Wednesday I'm taking 5mg every other day for a week for a week then stopping. This taper is advised from my respiratory medicine doctor. So far things haven't been too bad. My asthma has got worse but not unbearable. I was extremely cautious about doing this as I have read so many posts lately about dropping to quicky. I suppose only time will tell. 1 week tomorrow and I'll be hopefully prednisolone free. I will never take this drug again long term or at all the long term side effects are worse than the condition it's supposed to treat. Fingers crossed.

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Hello Dean

I am taking a taper course after being admitted to hospital im on 40mg at the moment . I have just been diagnosed with bronchiectasis. I am not liking taking steroids at all.

Hi sarah,

I have been on them for the last 10 weeks or so. I have never had side effects like this. Bloody horrible. I made a stupid mistake by stopping them to suddenly which has caused the problems I'm having. Is this your first time one them?

No i have taken them before just horrible side effects. I have had my inhalers changed just feeling tired xx

What inhalers are you on now? No e was changed 2 years ago from seritide to symbicort.

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