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Week 2 of steroids


Well week 2 and I’m still wheezy.

Consultant says he doesn’t want to increase preds and seeing him again on the 18th.

I feel bloated and gross and fed up of being SOB.

Until I read this site it never knew about steroid induced diabetes.

So I need to be cutting sugar/caffeine etc?

And for those on steroids do you still try to exercise?

I’m simple exhausted going from car to house recently.

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Ref Exercise / Activity:

If I’m on a High Steroid Burst (8x5mg once a Day for 7 Days) then - because I’m only on that burst due to the fact I’m so ill - I avoid as much activity / exercise as possible, I usually have two weeks on Oral Steroids if I get a bad exacerbation. The 2nd Wwek for me starts at 35mg Dailt and tapers by 5mg a day until I’m Steroid-Free. In the 2nd Week - I might do some long walks etc, but no serious exercise.

No idea of your age, size, weigh status. Steroids seem to be an additional risk factor for Diebetes. Also, it now seems pretty well established that carrying any degree of excess weight is also an added risk factor for Asthma itself, as any excess weight is inflammatory and asthma is an inflammatory disease.

I’m about 10% over my ideal weight, and here comes Christmas Pud.

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I don’t like xmas pudding so I’m good there. Lol.

I’ve been on high doses of steroids most of my 53 year life. Currently on 6 weeks worth of 25mg then onto nebulised steroids after that.

I gain weight every time I’m on them.

It’s hard work this asthma thing.

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please research magnesium deficiency and symptoms of magnesium deficiency if increasing the amount of magnesium your body is getting helps your asthma and therefore reduces the need for steroids its a win win situation.adult males need 420 mg of magnesium per day females require 360 mg per day. with 1% magnesium in your blood and 99% in your organs & cells if you don't get your daily quota of magnesium your body takes it from your organs &cells and puts it in your blood eventually your magnesium levels drop and the shi_hits the fan you get sick it effects different people indifferent ways asthma,heart problems kidneys all sorts you might be unlucky and get all these symptoms at once like I did when you go to the doctor he will treat your symptoms not the cause so please check out your magnesium intake it might be the answer. the magnesium blood test the doctors do test blood level only 1% not organ & cell level 99% hope this helps

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Thanks, I didn’t realise it was such an important thing. Interesting, thanks for the tip.

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