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Fostair anxiety and cold symptoms


Hi I got put on fostair a week ago by day 5 I had a really bad sore throat and coughing up phlegm it feels like I have a cold and by day 6&7 I have a really bad depression where I just stayed in my bedroom and cried. Can this be a side effect of Fostair I was fine before I took it. I have stopped taking it and the sore throat has cleared and my depression is lifting all very strange.

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How is your asthma? Were you changed from a different inhaler? It could be that the phelgm was there and the inhaler helped you to cough it up.

Could it be co-incidental that you developed a cold / sore throat at the same time? I'd suggest talking to your doctor or asthma nurse. Or you can ring the Asthma UK helpline. Tel - 0300 222 5800 (mon - Friday 9 - 5)

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Been back this morning I have been taken off it I react really bad to steroids can’t take prednisone either so now got to wait for appointment to see respiratory specialist to see what non steroidal treatments are available

I gave up Fostair after 5 doses. It made me very depressed and I could see no improvment in my breathing.

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I am still going strong on it. I have been on it two years now.

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