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PIP hate them


Hi Everyone hope you are all well and safe.

I had what I thought was a PIP assessment, I managed to get to the office with my carer on friday 12 October 2018. it was horrible the women did not ask me much, she could see how much I was distressed and the pain in my ribs. I was unable to speak and she understood I should not had been there. We were in there for about half an hour and she let us go.

So today while still recovering a text came through asking me to attend an appointment on 2nd November 2018 at 9.00am . I called up and explained are they aware I the following Eosinophilic asthma, Emphysema with gas trapping, anaemia.

I requested a home visit and she said I would have to attend the appointment, I explained I am with Royal Brompton and my Local Hospital as well as the GP. I explained we are waiting on NICE to give us the funding, she was not interested..

Seriously don't know what todo all I want to do is cry... why are they doing this to me ... I am so tired and just can't ... CAN ANYONE HELP PLEASE....

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Sorry you had this experience, unfortunately you are not alone. My advice is to be persistent.

They can be very "rule bound" on the phone. The last time I had huge problems because we were delayed unexpectedly by an emergency road closure. I phoned the number listed and explained and they were very helpful but when we got to the appointment they refused to see me and were very off hand. I was close to tears. Fortunately my husband was with me and he asked to speak to the manager to no avail, but they did put him through on the phone to and he made a complaint. It was noted in my file and then the next appointment they were very different and helpful.

If you can't speak on the phone then either ask someone to do it on your behalf or write a letter. Citizens Advice are helpful and some offices will do home visits to work on your behalf.

It shouldn't be like that.

monju in reply to strongmouse

Dear Strongmouse your words are so incouraging. Thank you so much, will try and keep stronger..

Mooking1983 in reply to monju

Contact citizens advice, they are fantastic if you have to complete the awful booklet they can do it for you.

Hope this helps. Stay strong.

monju in reply to Mooking1983

Thank you so much Mooking 1983 I will call them on Monday. Just can't believe they exspect people to be quite and go along with it. They should read the letters.

I wish I could agree but they've been amazing with me tbh... Just had backdated money of 22pounds a, week from April 2017 as should of been on low mobility.. But my pip is mostly enhanced rate care cuz of mental health an eating disorder but my emphysema was not noted an should of been.. I only appealed esa an then pip suddenly went up... I hope u can get this sorted my prayers are with u as u deserve more than me by seems of it


monju in reply to Cut3ypie

Hi Lou, it's encouraging to read they do get it right, I will take your comments aboard and go with an open mind. I'm sure they can do the right thing, just can't understand why with all three hospitals telling them they have no compassion to come and see me. I will go with an open mind. Thanks for pointing out they can help as well.

Keep safe and stay well.

Monju I would phone your MP’s office and ask your Mp’s caseworker see whether they can get you a home assessment and explain why. Also worth looking on Fightback’s Facebook Page, are highly respected and if you need advice or a form filling in they are helpful. When the assessment goes ahead make sure you have someone with you. And after the assessment ask for a copy of the report you don’t have to give a reason.

Morning Smoggy1990Boggy, some sound advise, shall act on your advise, will keep you updated.

How did you get on monju?

Hi Smoggy1990Boggy, we hot a home visit, the nurse stayed 5mins apologise, I had to go through this,and said not to worry, still have not heard anything back. So I shall wait and see.

Thank you for asking.

Monju you could ask for a copy of the assessors report you don’t have to give a reason that’s your right. I hope it’s a favourable outcome for you it should be.

Thank you will do, hope you are well.

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