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Low peak flow


Hi, I have had asthma since I was around 13 and am now 30. Today I had to visit the dentist to have some dental work done under sedation however dentist refused to sedate me as my peak flow was very low apparently it should be at least 400 but was 250 is this something that I should be really concerned about?? I have a cold at the mo but don’t feel breathless at all ??? Thank you

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Have you checked it yourself since? Peak flow is part of your overall strategy for assessing your symptoms, but I know that I sometimes get high/low readings when my body is telling me the opposite.

Check it a few times & if it actually is low (as opposed to - maybe - just a bit of dentist anxiety tightening your chest) then give your GP a ring.

What is your peak flow normally? If yours is normally around 250 then there’s no more cause for concern than there was previously. Mine is around 130 but that’s normal for me. It’s not great, it is what it is, but in and of itself there’s no need for me to be concerned. However if yours normally is 400 then maybe you ought to talk to your doctor. Also, if you get anxious at a dental appointment that won’t help matters. I get ridiculously anxious at the dentist which is so frustrating because I know it’s not logical but my mind does its own thing and goes into full panic mode. I hope that helps a little?

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