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Need advice

What is peak flow meter reading meant be and what can I do to sort my asthma out as my asthma nurse of sick and my asthma gets worst night time harder me sleep as get tight chest and nose seems blocked airways tighter and very hard breath at night time cough bit as well like worst at night time is there any treatment can have for night time asthma

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There isn’t a definite peak flow rate - you record your own to see if it goes up or down. At night you could try using lots of pillows so you sleep almost sitting up. Put a pillow under your knees as well. Make sure a window is open. Try a dose of salbutamol about 5 minutes before you take your regular preventative inhaler and check your inhaler technique. However, the best advice is to talk to the nurse at asthmauk. Don’t get in a panic about this: I’m sure it can be sorted.


Hi I know some people find opening window helps, but for me at night I have to close it as I use a bedroom airfilter to get rid airbourne pollutants and allergen, so depends on what might trigger night time problems.

Last year I found that when I was put on a different stronger inhaler - fostair instead of clenil - my asthma has been much better overall, including no waking at 4am with tight chest!


ps if worse at night and nose more blocked I wonder if something in the bedroom could be exacerbating problem. My son was found to be allergic to dust might last year.


If you google 'peak flow charts' you will find dozens of links to download where you can measure what is 'about right' for you - it is based on age, gender, height, etc.

In terms of your treatment, it sounds like you maybe need to book in a good, detailed review & explain your symptoms. A set of peak flow readings over time will certainly help to show if your symptoms are out of control, and to what extent. There are various meds that help with night time symptoms, but your starting point probably needs to be to get a good plan in place & see if that helps.

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I use 3 pillows and a nasal strip to open my nasal passages. As well as my inhalers.


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