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Eating with Asthma

Hi guys.

Recently I have noticed that I am getting breathless after eating a big meal. I suppose it makes sense that this can happen but I was wondering if any you experience this when you're full?

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If you experience asthma symptoms after eating, it may be a sign of GERD which makes asthma worse:


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Ahhh, that makes sense. I had a GERD diagnosis about 15 years ago and have been medicated since. I'll book in with GP to see if I need a therapy change.

Thanks :)

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Hi mrsCMK this could be related to acid reflux? I notice I sometimes get the same but acid reflux can effect your breathing


Yes me too. Mine is mostly coughing rather than breathlessness though I did get the occasional acid taste in the mouth as well. It was usually after the main meal at night and exacerbated by high carb meals. Mine is mostly under control now thanks to omeprazole.


Hi both. Thanks for your advice. I certainly think that reflux could be a contributing factor but when I saw my GP yesterday he's still convinced that my asthma diagnosis could be wrong :(

I have to persevere for the next 27 weeks until I'm referred into respiratory. In the meantime, he'd like me to continue with all of my asthma medication until told otherwise.

It's frustrating but there's not a lot that I can do really other adopt my self-help techniques (ie. eat little and often, sleep propped up with 3 pillows, don't do anything fun in case I have an attack!)

For now, I'll keep an eye out on here as I find reading about other people's experiences really useful.




There's more information here about GORD: bit.ly/2rr2NW2

If you have asthma and GORD, your asthma symptoms may get worse as a result of stomach acid irritating your airways and causing inflammation.

Do speak to one of the Asthma UK specialist nurse team on 0300 222 5800 (M-F, 9-5) or via WhatsApp chat on 07378 606 728 for more advice and support.

Hope that helps,



Hi Dita,

Thank you for reaching out- that definitely helps! I think I will give the team a call today because I'm currently fighting a battle against a re-diagnosis of it being anxiety (I'm not anxious and I live an extremely stress free life)- have had allergic asthma for years!! I'm 32 years old, am fit, healthy and happy but have constant heartburn, am breathless most days and am battling a plethora of other symptoms.

Despite the symptoms getting worse, I now hate going back to my GP because I'm being told there's nothing more that can be done until I get seen by respiratory for a FeNO test (which could be take 27 weeks).

I had a similar battle regarding my allergies, where I visited my doctor over a period of 13 years to have my allergies treated. It wasn't until I had to call 999 for anaphylaxis that I was allergy tested and taken seriously.

I'll give the team a call and will see what happens (you've given me a glimmer of hope!) :D


I find eating a lot takes more time to consume and I cough a lot therefore I struggle to breath so I eat slower or smaller portions don't know if this will help.

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This happens to me, while eating and after eating. Strange thing is that I don’t have a GERD diagnosis, nor do I present any GERD or other gastroinstestinal symptoms. For me, while eating, it feels as if I am not getting enough air, so I have to stop eating for a few minutes to get my breathing to stabilize a bit. After eating the feeling is more that of a tight chest and some difficulty exhaling.


Hi I have asthma as well as reflux cough disease. The latter is similar to GERD. There are specialists in the UK for this disease. I am under the care of Professor Alyn Morice who is based in Hull. If you Google reflux cough disease you will find articles written by him. My symptoms are cough, choking, hoarse voice and voice fatigue as well as bronchospasm. I get symptomatic about ten minutes after eating. Hope this helps.


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