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Just discover - on - part of the answer to a question I asked earlier today on this Forum concerning Asthma / Cortisol. Not yet familiar enough with to give it a strong recommendation, but the article I just read was very good indeed. If interested in Asthma / Stress / Cortisol relationship, you might want to check it out here:

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An interesting article, Matman. Thanks. I don’t feel I can link asthma symptoms to stress reactions in my own case, the triggers I experience seem to me to be physical but it was an interesting read that made me think again.

Thanks for sharing, Matman. I also hsve not especially found that emotional stress triggers my asthma. It may be worth pointing out that physiological stress can also affect cortisol. I have adrenal insufficiency due to prolonged steroid use and asthma flares make me need to increase the hydrocortisone I take to replace the cortisol I can't produce. Any illness or injury will increase cortisol requirements and there are 'sick day rules' in adrenal insufficiency for when you have to increase. Usually they say no need fora cold but I usually have to due to effect on asthma.

I don't know how this fits in the other way. Viral illnesses have always triggered my asthma, usually after they are on the way out. In case it's useful, I'm not that responsive to systemic steroids to the point where I am probably partially steroid resistant. It may help sometimes but often does not, which can be tricky when I have an attack!

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Thanks. Part of my interest relates to the fact that Pred reduces Eosinophils which makes me much better, fast (My Asthma Type is Eosinophyllic).

Got to wondering if non asthmatics managed their Eosinophils better because their Cortisol Levels and Receptor Counts were better. If so, maybe improving my natural Cortisol Levels (and, if possible, my Cortisol Receptors) might help me somewhat.

Currently self experimenting with very lose dose Pred (2.5mg) every second day for 6 Weeks. Will ‘up’ dosage gradually if results are negligible, including trying daily dosages. (Aware of Pred Risks / Side Effects but not yet convinced I want to try the current classes of Biologicals on offer).

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I haven't really considered how cortisol may fit in with my asthma. I am non-eosinophilic and non-allergic which probably explains why pred doesn't do too much - although I may have a mixed phenotype given I can have raised FENO at times. My high dose steroid inhaler is needed but adding extra to that often is not helpful.

Have to admit I would be first in line if they create any biologics I might respond to (one is entering phase 3 clinical trials). There is a definite and noticeable gap between what I am on and reasonable control, and not even pred to help fill it.

Yes I react to stress and when I get very anxious my asthma gets 10 times worse ...spoke to the asthma nurse and doctor about it and it's common for this to happen x

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