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Post Nasal Drip


My post nasal drip has been really bad now for about a year I'm now on a longer course of steroid drops but 2 weeks in they don't seem to be doing much. Its worse when I talk as it irritates my throat and I have to throat clear a lot. Also its worse if I drink water it pours out of my nose down the back of throat. I did suspect gerd as I do have this but I'm on PPIs and this is certainly coming down my nose.

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Hi there, sorry to hear you’re having a rubbish time.

I’ve found in the past that odourless garlic or honey and lemon can help clear that something sitting in your throat feeling, rather than having to swallow it (gross I know)

I was tested for and diagnosed with vocal cord dysfunction last year. Sometimes when I have attacks it’s the VCD and sometimes it’s the asthma. When my vocal cords get irritated (I had to breathe in Lynx Africa, that stuff should have a public health warning attached to it!) they close up, not completely but enough to get that wheezy noise. They said that it can by caused by post nasal drip, so maybe it might be worth asking your GP or specialist if this could be the reason your throat is irritated. I’d never heard of it until a paramedic mentioned it to me and then my specialist said I most definitely had asthma but there was something else going on as well.

Hope this helps

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