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Scared to go to concert


Okay next year in February I am going to a concert I have been really bad with my asthma lately it gotten pretty out of control since my step dad was diagnosed with terms brain cancer im 17 it's been alot this past year I came to this forum but enough with the rambling. Im guessing there will be a lot of my triggers there purfume, cigarette smoke and more I don't know if I can can get my asthma under control in time maybe some ideas oh how to well I guess deal with the triggers anything would be nice tips,ect. Thank you for your time hope everyone is doing well gothlic

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It’s interesting that you say it’s got worse since your step dad’s sad diagnosis. Maybe anxiety is playing a part in your asthma - it certainly does mine. I overfocus on my breathing when it’s bad as I am so worried and end up making it worse by almost causing a panic attack. I would speak to your asthma nurse about your concerns and your family situation. Meditation doesn’t work for me when my breathing is bad - the last thing I need to focus on is my breathing lol. I have found distracting myself with something really engaging like a good book or music makes a difference

I have spent years trying to understand my triggers - and I still don’t fully, for me it just depends how calm my lungs are at the time. Focus on ensuring you’re on the right meds. Get your thoughts under control and go and enjoy the concert x

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Thanks for the advice I will be talking to her soon and hope your doing well to 🤗

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