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Sprays in the workplace


Just wondering if any of you lovely people have any problems within the work place the powers that be are aware that sprays trigger my asthma they can be perfume, deodorant or spritzer types but they are are not willing to ban them but are more than happy to pull me up over my attendance. The only time I've had off since my targets were set in January is due to the use of sprays and tbh it is really stressing me out which we all know is not good for the asthma as well. Sorry for the rant but I just don't know which way to turn anymore 😞😞

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Sorry to hear this. I had the same thing only people looked at me as if oh here she goes again complaining g about my perfume ... yes I did because breathing helps me to stay alive idiots! They will never understand and when I told occupational health department they just said well what can we do. We can’t stop them wearing it or put you in a separate room it would cost too much !!

Hope you get something sorted!

I requested a referral to occupational health. I too had perfume sprayed near me at work and had to go to a&e. They are supposed to make reasonable adjustments in your workplace. I too have been off triggering policy. Then they have a cheek to bloody spray perfume.

OT can help you by preparing a report to say just that.

Contact your union if you have one to discuss. Mine was very helpful.

Good luck x

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