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I’m in a bit of a pickle here because I just don’t understand what’s going on. I was diagnosed with late onset asthma last year after a couple of years of seasonal allergy stuff around this time of year. However I was afterwards diagnosed with a heart problem from birth ie a valve defect. I have to keep the heart people informed of any changes. I’m not actually sure what asthma feels like to be honest.

So I’ve been fairly ok. I do suffer with some shortness of breath if I walk up hills/walk too quick etc which I’m putting down to the heart condition.

The night before last I went upstairs to bed and I just couldn’t catch my breath. I had spent all day in fields and the rape seed is out. Yesterday I went up to London and had loads of stairs to climb at the station and it’s like there’s a brick wall stopping me breath properly which I had last year from the potential asthma. I used my blue pump, took an anti inflammatory and was ok. Was at a concert and was fine - it was a great lively concert and lots of dancing etc

Today I’m fine although very runny nosed , sneezy etc. So I understand the shortness of breath from heart butcwhat about the barrier feeling. Is that asthma? I used to get it last year. It wouldn’t just suddenly start again if it weren’t seasonal?


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You need to talk to your GP, really. I can understand the confusion of heart/asthma symptoms, but as the inhaler helped, I suspect it's your asthma that is bothering you. You can develop asthma at any time and you can develop allergies at any time, and it may be that is what has happened to you. Asthma is closely linked to hay fever. You can get allergy tests, so you know what to stay away from, and there are simple non medical things you might try, like putting vaseline in your nose if you are out and the pollen bothers you. Have a good look at the asthmauk website for lots of useful info.

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