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Hi my name is rose and i had a nucler medicine stress test on my heart back in 2014 after i had that test done ..i stated having all these allergic reaction back on back to eney& everything to meds to food .im now allergic to over 33 meds & everyfood i try to eat i end up having a allergic reaction & end up at the hospital last yr was realy bad for me i ended up at the hospital 4 to 5 times a week it keeps leading to more & more medical problems..i almost died 3 times last yr ...this yr a little better but im still dealing with all the allergies & asthma ....i cant find nothing to eat loosing weight & i have this cronic cough & im always filling up with flem& fluid in my chest& lungs i know have trouble breathing& dealing with asthma ...its robbed me from my life .it keeps me from working and enjoying life ...does it ever get better and has eney body experiance this after a nuclur med stress test on ur heart .i never had eney of this untill .i had that done ....i ambulance is at my house alot to breathing problems chest pain and now im having issues. With my stomach & swallowing. It wont go down i kerp filling up with mucas please eney advice im seeing every speciealist there is ..

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You need to book a double appointment with your GP and ask him if there is something you can do about your normal stress levels, rather than any nuclear ones, which seem to be very high. Some of your issues may be the result of your anxiety but only your GP or consultant can decide this.


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