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Hi. I yet again have been given a new inhaler as the nurse has tried me on cenil modulate (brown) that didont seem to work. I then went back and it was a diffrent nurse anyway i said I felt that the brown wasint helping. She told me about fostair and said to use that the same way. I got home and did some googling as you do for a peice of knowledge, I saw that under 18 years old are not aloud to use fostair only adults because of the bones and growth etc.. does anyone know if I should be taking it if it's completely safe for me to do so I amight only 16 and 4 months years old.. and I am thinking that she didont see my age on the computer or she thaught by looking at me that I look older.. is it safe for me to keep using fostiar?

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  • I'd phone them and double check, but the pharmacist would have double checked your age too before prescribing. Do phone though you can never be too sure x

  • I will give them a ring tomorrow and ask them then gives my mind a rest lol. And your sure right. Thank you

  • Fostair is beclomethasone (same as clenil) but has the added formoterol (much longer lasting version of ventolin) so as you already had beclomethasone the only question I would have is formoterol safe for your age?

  • Thank you that sound right. I will certainly give the chemist a ring tomorrow as ask them. I should of thaught that at first but I never think of the simplest things to do 😂. Thank you x

  • apparently it's safe for 12+(according to this link)

  • So it's probably a licencing thing... i think it's crazy how it works

  • Ahh yes I see it does say up to 12+ il still give the chemist a ring to double check things and yeah it could be. I get baffled with all these inhales and the therapy and regime stuff it's all too confusing. I just expect the nurse/doctors to know whats best for me and trust them with the right way to treat me and get rid of my symptoms. I do live the fostair though it's helped loads thr only down side is the palpatstions and hand shaking. Thank you again

  • Hi Cleethorpesdione2015

    I asked the Asthma UK nurse team your query and Debby said on occasion a GP may choose to prescribe 'off license'. As iterated on the thread, do ask any questions to the pharmacist or please feel free to give our nurses team a ring on 0300 222 5800 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm) for more advice.

    Hope that helps,


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