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Hi hope your all well. I been taking loratadine antihistamines every day since March for hay fever. I was just wondering should I stop taking them soon? as hay fever season is nearly over or shall I just keep taking them through the winter too?

My asthma and hayfever have been pretty good this year while I been on them with only a few bad days.

Thanks in advance.

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It all depends on what you are most allergic to. As fungal spores are in the air at this time of year, and there are some late blooming things that can hit in September October. I take antihistamines all year round. But sometimes take a break around December/January. You could always cut them for a few weeks and see how you feel.


Hi Andy121 hope your well it's safe to take them all year round I do 👌

I take mine all year round, be careful before you cut back, in case you are having a good year because you take them, not just you are not allergic to whatever is causing the problem. Experiment cautiously!

I generally stop taking mine once november has hit. I would take it up with your doctor though just to be on the safe side

The true hay fever season lasts until the end of November, but it depends on what pollen spores affects you. I know I'm not safe until then but we are all different, mine also restarts end of February so I only stop taking them for 3 months unless we have a late autumn and early spring like the last lot ended up taking them for the whole year.

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Hi andy121,

There's a pollen calendar on the Asthma UK website which can be found here:

As mentioned on the thread, it depends what you are allergic to. The calendar shows grass and nettles still in season during September.

Hope that helps,


I take them all year round, as I am allergic to a lot of things. Depending what you are allergic to you could take them just in the summer/spring or all year ☺️

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