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Hi, I was recently at the dentist getting a filling replace. I am not the biggest fan of the dentist, but I was ok, not particularly stressed out or anxious. The injection and the drilling went ok. They gave me pauses to catch my breath and were very lovely. As soon as she started putting the filling in my chest snapped shut - I struggled to breath in felt like I couldn't breath out. They had to stop while I took puffs of salbutamol, waited and more puffs and more. In the end the filling hardened before they were done shaping the top. I had to sit and sit at the dentist til they were happy for me to go. This is the second time this has happened to me. Does anyone know what could ve caused it or how to stop it happening again?

Hope everyone is doing ok xxx

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Hi Emily,

I sometimes have problems with the anesthetics at the dentist, and on one occasion they had to give me oxygen, as I passed out. ( not meant to happen). I think it is some sort of sensitivity. Anyhow, I do know this is quite common for people with asthma. Not sure it answers your question, but my dentists are always really careful with me.

Hope you are a bit better


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Hi - I am quite worried that it is the anaesthetic that is the problem for me too. I am very sensitive to sulfites so I'm wondering if there is sulfitey preservatives in the injection. I'm am brushing my teeth sooooo carefully to avoid anymore fillings.

Thank you for getting back to me xxx


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