So currently back in a&e waiting to be seen. Knew a steroid drop wasn't a good plan.

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  • Hope you are sorted soon. Remember about drinking the water as it helps when the Vampires come round. Don't let them start reducing the nebs or steroids too soon. You have been on the higher doses a while haven't you? Your body needs some rest time to recover from all this inflammation. Found out the other day, crackles mean mucus and rubbish on your lungs, whereas wheezy lungs with crackle (often described as clear chest) means inflammation, which will be reduced by the steroids. It is never that simple though is it?

  • I have been on steroids no less than 30mg since May 2016. Really not simple. Lots of IV lines going up. X

  • Yes,I bet. Aminophyllin probably one, antibiotics another.Do you know which antibiotic they are going to put you on?

  • I'm not sure. I've just finished a course of clarithromyocin. X

  • Got myself a stay in this place. At least 3 nights I'm told!!! Such a pain x

  • Better there to give your lungs chance to mend than struggling on at home. Thinking of you.

  • Thank you. On half hourly Nebs!!! And for some reason never been told before but I have been out as nil by mouth! X

  • Half hourly nebs, blimey you will be shaking like a leaf. Watch the mask does not drop on the floor. They don't seem to look after the masks in hospital, well that is my experience.

  • Yeah shaking big time. I generally turn it off and hang it back up so keeping a close eye x

  • Hope you're doing a bit better now! Xxx

  • Thank you. Unfortunately still in hospital. On 1/2 hrly Nebs. Peak flows just not shifting up and holding. My consultant is due back on on Tuesday so hoping for more progress then. Xx

  • On no! At least mine are 2hrly! Hope you level out and find freedom soon! Good luck for Tuesday!

  • Thank you. X

  • Sorry to hear there is little change. I am with you as regards the Theophylline or Aminophyllin. Would be interested to know what the Consultant advises in Tuesday.

  • I will let you know. X

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