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Hi everyone had bad day yesterday breathing was horrible then my rabbit died last night old age and had a stroke bless him seen doc today saying they think I have diabetes so got to c diabetic nurse and got to have echo scan to find out what the pain is in my chest and back and what's causing the breathlessness got to keep having oxygen put on for it so hopefully will have some answers said the pain could b muscles or the Ines but want to check to make sure it's not coming from the heart all these tests I have a new body feel like a car having mot have a good day everyone

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So sorry about your rabbit, it is terrible when you loose a pet.

I hope you're having a better day today.

Hi thanks yea breathing wise it's better just when I walk to toilet etc gets breathless but doc said I look more perky today so must b doing something right lol hope u doing pin x

Glad you are doing a little better this afternoon. Hope it continues. We had three golden retrievers seven months ago and now we have only one. It has been devastating losing two of our babies in such a short time and we are heartbroken. I am so sorry about your rabbit. It doesn't matter whether it was old age or not it is still heartbreaking xxx

So sorry about your rabbit. I hope they can sort everything out.

I'm on back to back nebs now on 4th one and magnesium just couldn't breathe again just starting to give but still struggling

Tracye, 🙏🏻 You get relief and answers soon 😘

I'm so sorry about your bunny. Bunnies are awesome. Hope you're feeling better.

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