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Fostair & alcohol?

Hi, was wondering on people's experience in this department?

I have been given this by my doctor today & told to take 2 puffs twice a day & trial it. I am in the process of being diagnosed (or not) with asthma & awaiting a spirometry (spelling?) test.

My question is can you take alcohol whilst taking it as everything I've seen seems to suggest if I take a sip I'm doomed.

It's not that I plan on drinking every night but am going to the horse racing at Epsom on Saturday & we will all be drinking. It's something we've planned for a year, booked an overnight stay in a hotel & ive even got a new dress just for the occasion & that does not happen often lol! Really don't want to ruin the day by being teetotal while everyone else gets all giggly.

I'm sure there are lots who think I'm being silly & should just deal with it but would love to hear anyone's experience or knowledge.

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I,d say it depends on what's more important to you !


I'mm teetotal & enjoy life. I also remember it & know I've not been sillier than I normally am. Alcohol is actually a depressant. Not drinking alcohol won't ruin your day unless you let it. Honestly!


Hi flowergirl78 Am on fostair and drink most Saturday evening not loads and doesn't cause any harm to me enjoy 👌


Never affected me when I have a drink ? I think it is all down to excess could be a problem. ;)


Thank you all. Had a great time & a few drinks. All was fine. Think you are right about the excess thing. Luckily I can't drink that much anyway. Thanks again for all advice 😊


I lìke a glass of beers and i have no promblems


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