Good morning everyone hope you all well, had busy day yesterday went to appointment in London Rbh well day started my phone broke won't turn on so got to go apple shop Friday not happy as new iPhone 7 upgrade April and now can't use it ,

Then hospital transport picked me up, we got about a hour away from the hospital and a stone or something hit the window and shattered it so had to go into the services and wait a hour for another driver to come and get us it was very hot finely got there lucky went straight in as they had rung through I was a hour late breathing wasn't great as so hot and there was no air horrible , I was seeing the neurologist about my falls he wants brain scans done , MRI scans, and a box to wear for 24 hours to get a heart reading but going to do it when I'm in for my infusion on 13th July what fun I'm going to have well everyone take care and have a good day

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  • So sorry you had an eventful day yesterday. I hope you get your phone sorted on Friday. I'm off to an emergency appointment at doctors as I'm having a allergic reaction to my meds. What a day it's going to be.

  • Oh no hope u get it sorted x

  • Tracye, another adventure 😜

    Have a great day 😘

  • Thank u been a long day apple shop tomorrow as my phone not working x

  • Bless you! You take it all in your stride unlike me I would be having a panic attack big time! Hope everything sorts itself out xxxx

  • Thanks got lots going on at the moment hospitals for all different things driving me mad and breathing not great today x

  • What an eventful day you had Tracey.

    I hope all your scans/tests will go ok.

    Take care.

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